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Institute for Postharvest and Food Sciences

Volcani Center, ARO

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Group Leader

Guy Mechrez earned his Ph.D. in polymer science under Prof. Moshe Narkis at theDepartment of Chmical Engineering in the Technion, focused on the developmentCNT/polymer nanocomposites and their implantation for bio-catalytic filtration systems andsupercapacitors.   Read more...


Dr. Yafit Itzhaik Alkotzer


Yafit received her Ph.D. in material chemistry from The Weizmann Institute of Science in 2014. After doing a post-doctoral fellowship for a year in Mechrez Lab at the Volcani Center, she is now continuing her work in the lab as a research associate and lab manager, working on amphiphilic particles, superhydrophobic surfaces, and Pickering emulsions.

Dr. Noga Yaakov


Noga Yaakov holds a PhD in Biology from Weizmann institute of Science. She joined Mechrez group at 2017 as research associate, working on biopesticides formulation, superhydrophobic surface and Pickering emulsions.

Magen Lahat

Research Engineer

Magen is a material engineer from Ben Gurion University.

Postdoc. Fellows

Dr. Franziska Grzegorzewski


Dr. Franziska Grzegorzewski studied chemistry at Free University Berlin, Germany. She earned a master degree in molecular biophysics, working on pump-and-probe laser spectroscopy of catalytically active metalloproteins in photosynthesis. She holds a Ph. D. in chemistry from Technical University Berlin studying the effects of non-thermal ionized gases on secondary plant metabolites. Currently, her research focuses on the design, development, and characterization of molecularly engineered materials.

Dr. M. Karthik Ananth


Karthik Ananth obtained his PhD in organic chemistry from Madras University, India. Currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Postharvest and Food Sciences, ARO, Volcani, Israel. His research comprises Janus particles synthesis, Superhydrophobic surfaces, Pickering emulsions, Nano materials and Polymer Composites. 

Graduate Students

Reut Felfbaum 

Reut did her B.Sc in Biochemistry and Food Science at the Hebrew University.
She joined Mechrez group at 2017 as a master student, working on Individual Cell Microencapsulation via Pickering Emulsion for Biopesticide.

Avital Benhaim

Avital obtained her B.Sc in Biochemistry and Food Science at the Hebrew University.
She joined Mechrez group at 2017 as a master student, working on CNT based pickering emulsions.