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Group Leader

Guy Mechrez earned his Ph.D. in polymer science under Prof. Moshe Narkis at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Prof. Ester Segal from the Department of Biotechnology and Food Engineering in the Technion, focused on the development of CNT/polymer nanocomposites and their implantation for bio-catalytic filtration systems and supercapacitors. After completing his PhD in 2014 he joined Shamir optical industry serving as the manager of coating and materials R&D team. At the end of 2015 he joined the Department of Food Science in Volcani Center, ARO, Israel. At Volcani Center, He is leading a research group focusing on the research fields of polymer science, nanomaterials, soft matter and colloidal science. The expertise of his research group lies in the areas of particle-stabilized emulsions and polymer nanocomposite science, spanning the length scale from the nano to the macro regime. Emphasis is put on the elucidation of structure-property relationships of colloidal particles and polymeric nanocomposites at fluid and gas interfaces, as well as the design of Janus amphiphilic particles, and novel materials derived from them. The research group aims to implement their knowledge in material science toward challenges of food and agriculture, including Ethylene sensing, single sell encapsulation for biopesticides and self-cleaning surfaces for greenhouses.

Lab manager 


Reut Felfbaum 

Reut did her B.Sc in Biochemistry and Food Science at the Hebrew University.
She joined Mechrez group at 2017 as a master student, working on Individual Cell Microencapsulation via Pickering Emulsion for Biopesticide.

Postdoc. Fellows

Antolin Jesila_edited.jpg

Dr. Antolin Jesila

Antolin Jesila obtained her PhD in electro chemistry from National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan. Currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Postharvest and Food Sciences, ARO, Volcani, Israel. Her research comprises Magnetic particles synthesis, Pickering emulsions for bioplastics and Bijels.

Ph.D. students


Hagai Klein

Hagai obtained his M.Sc. in pharmacy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He joined Mechrez group at 2019 as PhD student and working on chemical sensing methods like ethylene sensing and surface enhanced Raman sensing (SERS).


Avital Benhaim

Avital obtained her B.Sc in Biochemistry and Food Science at the Hebrew University.
She joined Mechrez group at 2017 as a master student, working on CNT based pickering emulsions.


Raz Choen

Raz Cohen obtained is M.Sc in Biochemistry and Food Science at Oded Shoseyov's Lab at the Hebrew University, where he worked on the development of functional Nano-composite coatings. Raz joined our group during 2021 as a PhD student, currently working on food grade superhydrophobic coatings based on Pickering emulsions.

M.Sc. students


Shoham is a MSc student in Mechrez's lab at the Biochemistry and Food Science department in the Hebrew University. Her work focused on Development of Bijle for controlled release applications.

Shoham Matsrafi Naftai

Yoav Abayev_edited.jpg

Yoav Abayev

Graduated with his B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Food Science from the Hebrew University in 2022 and now works on the development of multifunctional particles based on silica for ground tire rubber compatibilization.

Madina Pirmatova_edited.png

Madina Pirmatova 

Madina received her first degree in Biotechnology Engineering faculty in Ort Braude College. She is currently studying her Master degree at the Hebrew University. The scientific work based on developing a Pickering emulsion for targeted nutrients delivery for cultured meat.

חני קליין_edited.jpg

Hani Klein

Hani obtained her BSc in Biotechnology from Tel-Hai Academic College. After several years in the biotech research industry, she began her MSc in Biochemistry, Food Science, and Nutrition at the Hebrew University in 2023. Her current research focuses on the innovative application of magnetic nanoparticles as stabilizers in Pickering emulsions.


Gabriella Harel

Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Food Science at the Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Biodegradable polymer researcher

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Michael Brichka 

Michael Brichka obtained his B.Sc. in Food Science at the Tel-Hai College. he joined Mechrez group at 2023 as a M.Sc student, and working on pickering emulsion stabilized by Curcumin for Biological pest control

B.Sc. students

Uri Perry_edited_edited.jpg

Uri Perry

Undergraduate in Material Science and Engineering in Tel-Aviv University. My hobbies are Bike Riding and Hiking.

Denys Derevianko_edited.jpg

Denys Derevianko

Group Coordinator

Lab Alumni 

Reut Felfbaum 

Avital Benhaim

Meche Berenice

Mor Maayan

Idan Harush

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