Department of Food Quality & Safety

Institute for Postharvest and Food Sciences

Volcani Center, ARO

HaMaccabim Road 68, P.O 15159 Rishon LeZion, 7505101 Israel


Tel: +972-3-9683990, +972,-50-5749449

Lab Tel: +972-3-9683053

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Our research combines polymer and material science with Interface and colloid science, toward the development of applicable materials. The group focuses on structure-property relationships investigation and implementation of the obtained knowledge for the development of functional materials for agriculture and food applications. We aim to implement our knowledge in the field of nanomaterials, polymers, emulsions and interfaces towards the development of new chemical sensors with high sensing performances; superhydrophobic, anti-biofouling and smart surfaces for agriculture; single cell encapsulation techniques and formulation for biopesticides. 

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